Air Tindi has made a practice of extending the finest in charter service and selection. Our reliable and diverse fleet ensures the availability of an aircraft tailored to your unique travel requirements. Our professional staff is always pleased to handle every aspect of your trip to ensure it is a safe and memorable one. As the most diversified aircraft charter company north of the 60th parallel, Air Tindi is proud to celebrate over 24 years of operations. With 9 different types of aircraft and the capabilities to fly up to 46 passengers or 10,000 pounds, we have the experience, equipment and staff to guarantee your charter.

Presently Air Tindi offers the widest variety of fixed wing aircraft one could require. Air Tindi charters are ready to go anywhere that can be safely dispatched in North America, in any configuration you may require, i.e.: floats, skis, wheel-skis and wheels. Please refer to "Our Fleet."

Whatever your charter requirements or where ever your destination may be, Air Tindi would be honored to take you there. Our aircraft range from a 7 passenger Cessna Caravan to a 46 passenger Dash 7, with everything in between, including cargo, passengers or combi requirements, if in doubt just ask and we would be pleased to assist you. 1-867-669-8200

With the variety of aircraft and configuration we serve many different markets:

  • Canoeists, Kayakers, Rafters
  • Mining Exploration
  • Sightseeing Tours, (landscape, wildlife)
  • Fishing and Hunting Lodges
  • Business Travel (Government, Private, Corporate, Assemblies)
  • Medevacs (We are currently the Medevac Carrier for the Western Northwest Territories)
  • Northern Native communities with both charter and scheduled service flights
  • Naturalist Tours
  • Recreation Travel (sports teams, etc.)

Our incentive is to provide safe, professional service throughout the Northwest Territories in the most economical way possible. The people at Air Tindi will provide you with the best personalized service that you will find anywhere.

Please do not hesitate to call, write, fax or e-mail with further inquiries regarding charter information, for both personal and commercial needs Or better yet, drop into our Old Town Latham Island office where we will be happy to assist you. The coffee is always on!




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