Since 2009 Air Tindi has worked in partnership with Denesoline Corporation, the business arm of the Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation, to serve the fixed-wing charter aviation needs within their traditional territory. Air Tindi conducts all fixed-wing flight operations for this majority Aboriginal-owned partnership.

Although the Akaitcho Land Claim is still in the negotiating phase, the traditional territory of the Lutsel K’e Dene includes the land surrounding the eastern half of Great Slave Lake and extends east to the Nunavut border, including much of the Thelon basin. This territory is rich with a variety of mineral resources and hydroelectric energy potential.

As such Denesoline-Air Tindi is ideally positioned to meet the needs of companies and public organizations involved in infrastructure planning and development as well as mineral exploration and mining on the traditional lands of the Akaitcho People. Its leadership includes representatives of Denesoline Corporation and Air Tindi.

Our partnership’s list of high profile clients includes Avalon Rare Metals Inc., De Beers Canada, BHP Billiton’s EKATI Diamond Mine and Diavik Diamond Mines, many of which it works in concert with Tli Cho Air to serve.


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