Paddling & Canoe Trips


We are able to fly up to 2 nestled canoes on the outside of our very economical C208 Caravan aircraft, getting you to and/or from some of the best paddling locations in the world. This allows for the bulky canoes to be outside of the aircraft allowing adequate space for gear inside and an excellent view out of the large windows. In order to haul 2 canoes on the outside of our aircraft a smaller canoe must be nestled inside the larger canoe and secured to the aircraft as a unit. To do this the larger canoes internal hardware must be removed to accommodate the nesting.

Maximum Size Externally Loaded Canoe(s) on C208 Caravan:

Length                 205 Inches

Width                   38 Inches

Height/Depth       28 Inches

Weight                 150 Pounds

Canoe Measurements
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